On this page you will find a raft of links to sites of interest to the pterosaur enthuasiast with brief descriptions of the sites in question. Obviously, there are not too many out there which is why we set up this site in the first place! However, there are some that deal with pterosaurs directly and a few that at least have sections on them.

If you are looking for museums, all of their sites are linked through the museums page with some background information. Research institutions and museums who have contributed images and help to

Sites by the Pterosaur Net team:

Azhdarchid Palaeobiology

A blog set up by Darren Naish and Mark Witton to cover their work on the behaviour of these giant pterosaurs. No new entries, but lots of information there.

Dragon’s of the Air

Ross Elgin’s blog about his PhD work on pterosaur flight.

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings

Not surprisingly this is Dave Hone’s blog based at DinoBase (see below). Dave talks a lot about pterosaurs, but also dinosaurs and the state of palaeontology and science in general. He also has a website for his research here

Ask A Biologist

Another Dave Hone project – this one allows you to ask any biology related question and one of a large pool of professional researchers will attempt to answer your questions. Darren Naish is also a contributor when he can spare the time from….

Tetrapod Zoology

Darren has a terrifying knowledge of just about every tetrapod (vertebrate with legs) going, both living and extinct. Not surprisingly, pterosaurs often get a healthy mention. Dip into his wealth of knowledge here.


Another Naish project that has nothing to do with pterosaurs (boo!) but demonstrates just what can be achieved with palaeontology and the internet. With colleagues Mike Taylor and Matt Wedel, Darren takes on the awesome task of talking about just the vertebrae of sauropod dinosaurs. Yes, really.

Mark Witton’s site

Mark combines his pterosaur research with his stunning artistic reconstructions of pterosaurs (talented little so-and-so). Here you can get a real feel for pterosaurs as Mark can justifiably claim to have the best inside knowledge of pterosaurs (pun intended) going when it comes to his artwork.

John Conway’s site

Chief architect of much of the design here at Pterosaur.Net John works by day as a programmer, but by night retreats to his shadowy caste to create some of the most stunning computer art and anatomical explosions of any animals you are likely to see. The fact that he has chosen pterosaurs as his muse only makes things better, as far as we are concerned.

Luis Rey

Luis is perhaps one of the most famous palaeo-artists going at the moment. He has contributed to dozens of books as well as getting involved in the research side of palaeontology too when he can. His dashing style and bold colours are a welcome contrast to too many years of brown dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

Pterosaur sites:

Here are some sites that deal exclusively, (or not so exclusively in most cases) with pterosaurs.

Chris Bennett’s website

Chris is one of the best know and most respected pterosaur researchers out there and has various pterosaur related things on his homepage.

The Pterosaur Bibliography and Archive

Chris Bennett created and runs this archive and online library of pterosaur papers – several thousand of them and many available as PDFs. This really is a one stop shop for pterosaur science.

Archives of the Dinosaur Mailing List

The famous (or infamous) DML a chat archive for people to discuss dinosaurs though birds and pterosaurs and other odd bits of science and biology get a regular airing too. You will find everything from professional palaeontologists, keen amateurs, dino-nerds and the odd case of insanity. Mike Habib is a regular, but we will leave it to you decide if it means more about him or them….

Pterosaur UK

This website provides lots of good technical information on pterosaurs especially those from the UK.


This contains digital scans of the bones of various animals both living and extinct, including several pterosaurs.

Berkeley’s Introduction to Pterosaurs

A nice simple introduction to pterosaurs. Not that you should need another one since we wrote all of this for you…


A systematics site (relationships) that covers a wide range of fossil groups. The ongoing state of flux of some pterosaur relationships means that bits of this are quite different to what you see here, but the basics are the same and some of the details are very nice.

Palaeo Creations

Bob Nicholl’s home on the net where you can browse his superb collection of artworks. Bob produces art for books, magazines, museums, and more. So, if you are looking for a nice dinosaur or prehistoric shark painting for your wall, check him out. And yes, he does pterosaurs too.

Museums & Collaborators:

Natural History Museum, London

One of the World’s great institutions for biology and Lorna Steel’s base of operations.

State Collection for Natural History (SMNK), Karlsruhe

Current home of Ross Elgin & Dino Frey and of course the ‘Pterosaur Flight group’ which also includes Dave Hone.

Bavarian State Collection for Palaeontology (BSPG), Munich

Location of many of the World’s greatest pterosaur specimens and researchers. Most notably however, it is the former stomping ground of Dave Hone, though Peter Wellnhofer, Alfred von Zittel and the Pterodactylus holotype might disagree!


The vertebrate palaeo research group at the BSPG in Munich as led by Oliver Rauhut and his wife Adriana Lopez-Araebello. Dave Hone is a former member. It does feature various pterosaur related bits including photos from the Munich Pterosaur meeting of 2007.

Disclaimer: Pterosaur.net is not responsible for the content of any external websites. We provide links having checked them ourselves. There should be nothing untoward on any of these sites, but don’t blame us if there is.